Michael Todt | About

After obtaining his Juris Doctorate from St. Louis University School of Law in 1987, Michael Todt began his legal career as an Assistant Special Public Defender in St. Louis. At this position, he was responsible for the representation of impoverished defendants in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. Michael Todt provided his expertise to both youths and adults. After two years of service, he began his private practice as an Associate Attorney at Todt Law Firm, LLC. It was at this company that Todt gradually changed his focus from criminal defense to family law.

With more than three decades of experience in the legal field and a background in both criminal and civil law, Michael Todt currently serves as a Partner at St. Charles, Missouri law firm Todt, Ryan & McCullough, offering legal services to clients in the Greater St. Louis metro area.

Michael Todt prides himself on his success in representing complex domestic matters wherein parties have sizeable personal assets and matters of spousal support and custody are contested. Mr. Todt employs two associate attorneys who work solely for him at Todt, Ryan & McCullough. Michael Todt also performs pro bono services. He assists the needy through his work with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri and Catholic Charities.

In addition to his legal practice, Michael Todt teaches a variety of continuing legal education seminars in Missouri at such organizations as the Missouri Bar Association, the National Business Institute, and the Lawyers Association of St. Louis. Some of the topics Michael Todt has presented include “Trying a Dissolution Case” and “Custody & Finance.”


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